Lovers Retreat Farm

s a l u d a / v i r g i n i a

Lovers Retreat Farm, located on the historic Middle Peninsula of eastern Virginia, was started as a homestead in 1984. Also known as the "sweet sixteen," our farm has evolved to include pastures, pond and a barn facility housing a VDACS licensed commercial kitchen producing a variety of homegrown products. The barn also shelters our livestock menagerie which includes chickens, geese, ducks, guineas, dogs, cats and a few goats. Those dams contribute to make our luxurious goat milk soap.

Our farm also produces eggs from numerous free-range Rhode Island Red hens as well as those from our flock of Mallard ducks and Chinese/Embden geese. We also sell adult Mallard ducks to replenish our local waterways and for use in field trials. All of our waterfowl are free flying to repopulate the nearby Dragon Run, a 90,000 acre watershed at the headwaters of the Piankatank River - the most pristine body of water in Virginia. However, most choose to flourish around our farm.

In addition, our unique locale makes a beautiful backdrop for special events. We host birthday parties, weddings and other occasions for groups of up to 75 guests. We offer an outdoor venue as well as an indoor barn facility in case of bad weather.

See our products at local farmers markets, specialty shops and farm stands. Email us for more information about reserving our farm for your next private event at or call us at (804) 758-5094.